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The purpose of ClassIBS support to vessels in operation is to ensure the safety of life, property and environment, while ensuring a maximum rate or return of vessels.

We are recognized for our in-depth technical competence, proactive solutions and an excellent service attitude. This in turn ensures both a safe operation and a minimum of costs and delays to your shipping operations.

Entry requirements
Applications for initial classification with ClassIBS of ships or other marine structures are to be made by the owners/managers or ships operators, by submitting the following list of documentation (although non-exhaustive):

  • Updated ship’s survey status including recommendations, if any.
  • Updated Hull & Machinery master lists, if any
  • Copies of existing class certificate
  • Copies of existing statutory certificates
  • Copies of ship’s registration documents issued by the flag Administration (i.e. Registry, Radio License, etc.)
  • Main Class Plans (i.e. General Arrangement plan, mid ship section, etc.)
  • Trim & Stability booklet
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement booklet




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