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As a classification society, ClassIBS is an essential link in the overall safety chain of the marine industry.
Our classification services are designed to ensure that your vessel is maintained in accordance with applicable ClassIBS Rules and recognized standards. Enabling you to manage your ship to its full potential, while minimizing risks to life, property and the environment.

Many ships are designed and constructed to comply with other Rules and it is possible to transfer your vessel to ClassIBS class at any point during its lifetime.

If your vessel is presently under Class by another recognized Class Society, we may continue the same cycle of classification.

Supporting services
We also offer other supporting services, such as our Machinery Planned Maintenance Scheme, which enable you to align the classification process with your existing maintenance and inspection programs.

Entry requirements:

Ship surveys program and schedule will be set forth based on the outcome of the first document review results, plus ship’s existing periodical cycle of surveys.
Statutory certificates are to be issued by ClassIBS on behalf of the Flag Administration, following satisfactory completion of the applicable technical surveys, in accordance with the International Conventions and / or national applicable legislation.





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