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ClassIBS's dedication to Quality Shipping as well as its commitment towards continuous Port State Control (PSC) improvement, signifies a major non-stop objective for the society.

Several components were adopted to include:

  • Maintaining contacts with the corresponding MOUs 
  • Concrete actions to vessels having shown an increased detention ratio
  • Improved monitoring process for each detention and especially to those attributed to ClassIBS by PSC.
  • Thorough review of vessels previous PSC performance history. (among others), prior deciding for vessel’s entry with ClassIBS.
  • PSC Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CIC) as applied by several MOU Authorities is also monitored.
As a result of the above, significant improvement over ClassIBS’s PSC statistics and performance has been witnessed for the past 3 years.

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Transparency of information

We are committed to transparency of information where it may help improve fleet quality. For this reason, we publish information on the port state detention performance of the ClassIBS’s fleet.
The detention performance information is updated on a continuous basis and can be accessed via our webpage.

What is Port State Control?

Port State control, or PSC, is the exercise of the right of a port State, when granting permission to a foreign flagged ship to enter a port of the port State, to inspect the vessel to ensure that it meets international safety, pollution and other requirements.

Various international standards and conventions, such as the SOLAS Convention, MARPOL Convention, and the International Load Line Convention, have been enacted in order to promote the safety of life and property at sea and to protect the marine environment with respect to oceangoing ships.

Although the flag State and owner of a ship have fundamental responsibility for ensuring that these requirements are implemented, there is also often a lack of adequate competence and experience on the part of ship crews and others as well



PSC inspection process

A PSC inspection typically consists of a check of the documents and certificates onboard ship combined with a condition survey of the vessel. However, a more detailed survey is carried out when deficiencies are found in the ship's compliance with mandatory international requirements, or there is some question as to the safety condition of the vessel.

If serious deficiencies are found affecting safety as a result of the inspection, the ship is detained and the captain is instructed to rectify the deficiencies before departure. In the event that the deficiencies are not rectified or no suitable plan is presented for rectifying them, the ship will be prohibited from leaving the port.  If your ship is detained please contact your local ClassIBS office



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