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Isthmus Bureau of Shipping (ClassIBS) is prepared to perform inspections and certification as required by MLC 2006, as a Recognized Organization authorized by Flag States.

The Convention requirements cover such areas as conditions of employment, health, medical care, welfare, social security, accommodation, recreation facilities, food and catering

The Definition of Shipowner as per the convention:
The owner of the ship or any other organization or person, such as the manager, agent or bareboat charterer, who has assumed the responsibility for the operation of the ship from the owner and who, on assuming such responsibility, has agreed to take over the duties and responsibilities imposed on shipowners in accordance with the Convention.


The MLC, 2006 applies to all ships engaged in commercial activities, whether privately or publicly owned. However, it does not apply to ships that navigate inland waters where port regulations apply, or ships engaged in fishing or similar.
The certification of MLC, 2006 applies to ships of:
(1) 500 GRT or over, engaged in international voyages, and
(2) 500 GRT or over, flying the flag of a member state and operating in another country from a port, or between ports.
Ships may be detained on MLC 2006 related issues.
We at ClassIBS can help you prepare for this new legislation in a number of ways:

  • DMLC Part II Review: Once the flag administration has issued the DMLC Part I detailing its national requirements, your company must produce a document, DMLC Part II, which details what measures you will adopt to ensure ongoing compliance with the legislation. We can review your DMLC Part II and advise if it is in compliance with the legislation.
  • ILO Certification: We will offer ILO MLC 2006 certification to all vessels governed by the Convention wherever the flag administration delegates responsibility to ClassIBS.

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