IBS Academy is a Platform with Modules and Courses specially designed for Ship’s Surveyors, Auditors, Inspectors and Maritime Professionals.

These Training Modules/Courses were prepared by IBS Academy under the requirements of the Code for Recognized Organizations (RO Code) according to IMO MSC.349 (92) and MEPC.237 (65)

ClassIBS Surveyors/Auditors

·         IBS Academy is the official ClassIBS platform for the Training & Continuing Professional Development
·         The modules/courses are mandatory for all ClassIBS surveyors/auditors.
·         The completion of these modules/courses is part of your “ClassIBS -Training & Continuing Professional Development” and shall be record in your CPD Log.
·         The completion of these modules/courses does not guarantee the Full (F) authorization to perform statutory and class work.
·         The “Full (F), Partial (P) or none (N)” authorization will depend in your complete evaluation by ClassIBS Head Office which cover previous experience documented, theoretical and practical training, etc.